SQl ? Does Opensuse have a SQL database browser app ?

Opensuse 13.2

I am trying to get Kodi working on opensuse for my Audio CDs.
The meta data is kept in a sql database locally and I am trying to figure out why I get certain songs separated from the rest of the songs on the album.
From looking at the songs through a tag editor, they appear identical but somehow Kodi will treat some as if they were in a different album.

I posted my quesry on the Kodi forum but no luck so far.
I am thinking that if I could look into the sql database and see what is being used to generate the unique keys, I might be able to figure this out.

Or if anyone has experienced this and solved it, even better. I could also post the .db somewhere for perusing.


You have to be certain what SQL database is being used… SQL is generically a language which can be used to query/browse many types of databases. But, when you’re talking about an embedded database (like whatever is used in another app), it might be SQLite or any of many other.

If MySQL (and MariaDB) databases, the standard tool is SQL Workbench. Note though, that Workbench is kind of rough (IMO). If you use the command line, various info like table data is represented in an ncurses (graphical using text characters) format, which IMO should be very easy to learn and powerful.


Kexi from KDE will allow you to view the contents of many types of database if that is what you want.

I think that the database is a SqlLite thing.

I have a file titled MyMusic48.db and what I want to do is open it up and look at the table structures and the data in the one that holds the entries for each album.
I am hoping that I will see some differences between the 2 music tracks that should be assigned to one album but are not.

I will give Kexi a try and see what it does.

thanks all

I would think it is, yes.

What does “file MyMusic48.db” say?

I will give Kexi a try and see what it does.

Kexi is probably a good idea, you might have to install libqt4-sql-sqlite manually in that case though.

And you should also be able to open it with LibreOffice Base, I’d think.

I am giving Kexi/Calabri a try though installing it leads me to a larger issue.

Whenever I install odd items like this, I always, always, struggle to find out how to invoke the new app.
What I have been doing is to look in Yast at the files involved and try and figure out where the .desktop file is, if there is one.
For Kexi, this is what I see.


Is there an easier way and what do I do when there is no .desktop file ?
As part of my trying to do mp3 audi tag editing I came across recommendations for different editors that are installable vis Yast. However some of them are just
executables and I am reluctant to click on them.


you can try this firefox add-on
you might need to customize the UI to get the button to show, or unhide the menu bar and you can find it in the tools sub-menu

This works perfectly I_A, thanks a ton.