sporadic internet connection: openSUSE 11.1

thanks to everyone in these forums, my new installation of opensuse is running great – the only issue remaining is the internet connection

i am able to connect to the internet via a wired connection on my desktop computer (view webpages/download packages) but as mentioned in the title, the connection is very sporadic

for example, if i try to download an extension for firefox, it may download perfectly, or more likely, i will have to attempt to download it 6-10 times before i am able to download it smoothly without a download error. i notice the same thing on webpages. if i do a google search and open a few results in different tabs i will click over only to see that some of the tabs opened successfully while others did not. If i click on the link a second or 3rd time it opens normally

as background information, i have a windows dual-boot, and in windows the internet works very smootly as it should

i am not sure what information will be helpful
i have comcast cable/internet
belkin N1 wireless router (i connect via ethernet)
as listed in hardware information under network card:
nVidia CK804 Ethernet Controller
Kernel Driver: forcedeth

let me know if there is any more information that i can provide to shed some light on the situation


oddlot adjusted his/her AFDB on Monday 13 Jul 2009 18:16 to write:

> let me know if there is any more information that i can provide to shed
> some light on the situation
> thanks

Have a look here at disabling ipv6, you can disable it totally or just in


Personally I would disable it system wide as there is not much call for it


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for anyone else having a similar issue, i have found the solution to my problem, IPv6 needs to be disabled in both firefox and in openSUSE

how to disable in firefox:
Disable IPv6 for Firefox - openSUSE

how to disable in openSUSE:
YaST -> Network Settings -> Global Options -> un-check “Enable IPv6” -> you will need to reboot

hope that helps anyone having similar issues