Split window in Konsole


I am trying to split the console window into multiple sections so that I can type in one window and monitor a tail -f in another window. I tried View -> Split View, but that creates a duplicate of the current session in the second screen. Is there a way to have separate sessions in the same window?


click in one of the splits, and issue an ls
Click in the other and issue a ‘dmesg | tail’

You will see that the split parts operate independently.

But I think you want more than konsole offers. Install yakuake and give that a try. It offers a lot more than the average terminal GUI.

To get different instances of the shell in each split window, first open a new tab, then split the window into two views. Each one will then operate independently of the other. But without using multiple tabs, the split windows just show two views on the same instance of the shell.


  1. Open Konsole.
  2. Ctrl-Shift-T.
  3. Ctrl-Shift-) or Ctrl-Shift ( ].

… and use Shift-w to switch focus between different sessions.

I would just have used the command:

 ( xterm & )

to open an xterm for the second window.

On 2014-05-06, flymail <flymail@no-mx.forums.opensuse.org> wrote:
> … and use Shift-w to switch focus between different sessions.

Correction: `… and use Shift-tab to switch focus between different sessions.’