Split screen on large monitors?

Hi all,

Not sure how to best describe this: I am currently working with two monitors, and one thing I particularly like is that I can drag something to say Monitor 2 and maximise it: it then fills Monitor 2 only, but I still have all space available on Monitor 1 to do other stuff. Also, I prefer to have a Panel vertically between the two screens which is easily accessible from both screens.

Now I planning to buy a new monitor, and as there are almost no 4:3 monitors available any longer, I am thinking of getting a single big wide screen - which unfortunately would not allow me to do above any longer.

Is there a way to split a single monitor into two “virtual” screens that behave in the same way as a 2-monitor-setup?


you left out important pieces of info like what OS version and the likes of desktop or console etc etc. Anyway, you can research the following areas:

  1. Console:
    you could look into: GNU Screen, tmux, dvtm, byobu …

  2. Desktop: