splashy or bootsplash?

Suse offers two packages that seem to do exactly the same thing - display a splash screen during system boot. These packages are splashy and bootsplash. Which one should I use?

As you did not mention which version of openSUSE, I looked at 11.4. Both are in the repos and both are installed, probably at installation.
I do not know what I use. There is a boot splash when the system is booted, thus it works, but I never bothered to look “which one I should use”. I apperently use what the system offers me by default.

I;m using 11.4 on one laptop and I’m just in the middle of installing 12.2 on another one. I have a habit of installing base system and then adding only the packages that I need.

BTW. There’s also plymouth that seems to do exactly the same thing.

I don’t think splashy was ever used, just made available in several releases up through 12.1. Bootsplash was the default boot loader splash screen during the time period. Now, with 12.2, Plymouth is the default boot loader splash screen.

Old tech:

  • Bootsplash, kernel space (& some userspace tools too)
  • Splashy, userspace


  • Plymyouth … kernelspace? uses DRM & KMS for graphics (nice!)

For a quick overview of those available see: Bootsplash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(I note that the wikipedia article is talking about bootsplash in general, and not specifically about Bootsplash (a particular bootsplash implementation) … in fact it appears there is no proper article on Bootsplash itself

Plymouth is pure user space. It does not really require DRM and/or KMS, although having them provides improved visual experience.

Unbelievable, what people spend their time on, making things for those times in my life that I walk away from the system to get some coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:
But, a hobby is a hobby and keeps people away from doing worse things.rotfl!

That is what I like in Open Source: it delivers you the most productive software and the most useless eye candy. And in both cases the designers are happy.

Sadly, Plymouth doesn’t seem to work with nVidia’s proprietary drivers (though it works with nouveau) and I can’t make bootsplash work :confused: I did mkinitrd after installing bootsplash, but this doesn’t work which makes me think that stock kernel might not support bootsplash.