"Splashy ERROR: Couldn't splashy_start_splashy(). Error -10"


I noticed after upgrading my Dell D820 from 11.3 x 64 to 11.4 x64 that
splashy seems to crash while trying to render the theme (while
hibernating). Running a splashy test returns the same error: “Splashy
ERROR: Couldn’t splashy_start_splashy(). Error -10”. Using the default
theme instead or re-installing splashy does not make any difference. I
know it is not a big thing but any ideas to narrow this issue further
down would be great.



I’m having the same problem. It seems to be a bug in splashy’s init_font() function.

Will there be a fix in the near future?
It’s very nasty for end users…