Just updated 11.1 and I have a peculiar splash screen:

openSUSE 11.1- (pae)
Failsafe-openSUSE 11.1-
openSUSE 11.1- (/dev/sda2)

Loading the first, the system seems slow.
Loading Failsafe appears to give normal response.
Loading with /dev/sda2, mouse not detected .

Any idea whats happening? :o

Just a stab …
mouse not configured right in /dev/sda2
first choice has possibly something misconfigured in xwindows that needs investigating
failsafe runs regular speed because it is not using the bad xwindows config

try going into failsafe (run level 3) and starting xwindows to see if it starts and runs correctly and continue the debug proccess from there.

Rename your xorg.conf to xorg.conf.obsolete, reboot and see what happens.