Splash theme - Christmas

I never reboot, unless I’m forced to. This night I had to, to change from some obscure OS to SUSE on a double boot system. And what I saw? A Christmas theme for the splash screen.

Merry Christmas for all developers!

I liked it so much I left it running on my laptop and went to use the desktop instead (this refuses to load a splash screen for some reason that I cannot fathom). Maybe next year we could have snow falling and the Tux on the bottom can get snowed-in. Hint hint to any capable developers reading this. This could use the GRUB timer, only set to 3 minutes or something rediculous before booting - otherise TUX would be in a white-out. Cheers.

Vodoo, love your avatar!!!

As for the Christmas theme… What about one that reminds us of a forthcoming release of openSuse… That would be useful… of course unless you never reboot :\