Splash screen does not show up anymore after changing the boot up resolution.

i changed the boot up resolution in the boot up loader to 1366*768 (native res of my monitor)
the boot option is still set to quiet splash
however, instead of showing the progress bar, it would now always display the complete boot up log ( the list of starting services and such)

i then manually changed the boot option from to 1024768 at boot loader screen, and teh splash would show up, but then on next boot up if i stick with 1366768, it doesnt work again

i wonder what i can do to fix this :open_mouth:

I may be that there not any images with your wanted res. So it defaults to silent. Just a guess.

what should i do to change the image for the splash screen then?
I have changed the background of grub screen as there is a command gfxboot to do that
is there any command for the splash screen of opensuse? or maybe i can change it using Yast?

No, you need to take the original splash screen and take a copy of the images, resize them in some picture editing tool and make manual changes to the theme script where necessary in /etc/bootsplash

thx for the reply

in fact, i do have the picture with correct resolution sitting in /etc/bootsplash/…/images
also i do have a config file in /etc/bootsplash/…/config which has both splash and quietsplash entry, both pointing to the correct images

i experimented around further, it turned out the splash image would only show up with 800600 or 640480 res
anything other than that goes to the splash (instead of quietsplash)

its not like i mind this or wat, in fact i always press F2 to swtich to splash with log messages anyways, it just seems rather werid to me that quietsplash does not work ):