SpiderOak promo 2011: 6GB free base account + 50GB through referrals = 56GB free lifetime account

Hi everyone,

Here is a referral link for SpiderOak which gives you 6GB if you use promo code WORLDBACKUPDAY:


By referring friends, you can boost your lifetime account to 56GB.

If you fill up your referrals, let us know, then maybe someone can use my link, then my backup will be ready for release day in 9 days!


here’s a referral link:


don’t forget to use the WORLDBACKUPDAY promo code!

SpiderOak lets me easily backup, sync, share, remotely access and store all my data. I can add as many different computers and drives to a single account so all my data can live in a central location. The application has been working for me very nicely. You can sign up if you use the download link below and we will both receive an additional free 1 GB of storage. And you can also feel free to refer as many friends as you like.
P.S. If you use the WORLDBACKUPDAY promo code you can gain 6 GB in total.

Ill give it a try.
Used a referral and generated a new one