spideroak on 11.4 M4

just installed M4 and wanted to install spideroak which is available in the non-oss repository and requires python 2.6 but 11.4 comes with python 2.7. is there a known way to install spideroak or should I just wait until this dependency issue is solved?

This is one of the issues one can meet running a Milestone release. Either run a stable release, or, like you suggest, wait a bit, it may be solved in M5

Thanks, I’ll just wait.

FWIW, I’m running M5 and it’s got the same issue.

We are waiting for a SpiderOak package that uses Python 2.7.
Hopefully, we will see it in openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 6.

We’re not that far off from RC1.



Excuse me… we’re now running the actual 11.4 release and I still see no Spideroak? Am I looking in the wrong direction?

LOL never mind… 20 seconds later (https://spideroak.com/download/suse) :slight_smile:

there are rpms available @ the Spideroak web site, they appears version neutral - note: have not tested them