SPICE on Windows KVM virtual machine

Decided to make it an apart thread as well…

Virt-manager seems to ship somewhat SPICE-ready, by judging default settings in “Display Spice” and “Video QXL” for virtual machines. I read more about SPICE beforehand:
Both SLES and openSUSE KVM docs almost totally lack SPICE information.

First 2 links advise in general to just set the correct settings for virtual machine’s video, install Windows guest and after that install in it the SPICE guest tools.
However, and since I’m using the virtio drivers iso for windows, I notice this iso has also qxl drivers. So I became confused, what would be the best way to install SPICE drivers for Windows virtual guest? Installing client after installation or pre-loading qxl driver during installation just like the balloon driver?

And worse, I noticed this spice guest tools includes as well paravirtualized drivers like viostor, balloon, scsi… WTH?

Also, in “Display Spice” all defaults seem good, but I’m doubtful about the OpenGL checkbox. It has a warning icon saying “Spice GL requires virtio graphics configured with accel3d”. What does it mean? Is it just advising the already known fact that Windows guest needs proper drivers?

Dunno, personally.
As I described in that other thread when you first raised the Spice topic, I’ve only used Spice for other purposes.

Figure it out yourself.
You have a snapshot tool where you can always set before you do something exploratory so that you can always undo everything and roll back to your snapshot if you’re not happy with the result (Recommend merge/remove the snapshot if you do like the result so that you maintain minimal numbers of disk files).

My guess is that the Spice Guest tools will also install the Windows virtio drivers, but that needs to be verified.