spell check for browsers

i usually use firefox.it was fine untill some days ago.all of a sudden the spell check went dead.i changed to opera and went through serched for spell check and found this link:

Spell-checking With Opera

i installed as given but i could not find the spell check.
should i be installing something else for the spell check??

but I use GNU IceCat (a totally free browser based on Mozilla code) with spell check in English/Russian/Belarusian/Esperanto without any problem.

Opera doesn’t includes inline spell-checking like Firefox. You need a little Java-script for this.
OSpell - Your In-Line Spell Checker for Opera. A simple how-to video is also included on the site.
Good luck.

For firefox maybe you need to update the spellchecker https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browse/type:3


thanks for the help.i installed ospell and hough it is not as good as the one for firefox.its ok.
thanks for the help.

Yeah, I can confirm this. :slight_smile: For me it was a bit annoying, and the build in check was far away from FFs inline spell checking, so I gave up with Opera.
You are welcome!

hey guys…i have just checked the settings for firefox.to enable the inline spell check should do as follows:
go to about:config
accept that you will be careful
and enter “layout.spell” in the search and change its integer value to 2 and restart the browser.