Speedtest VS. System Monitor- Why didffferent?

Hello, thanks in advance for helping.

The speed from my ISP is advertised as 15up/2 down. When I run speed test, I obtain that pretty much all the time, the lowest I have ever gotten was 12/2.

The issue I am seeing, is my downloads are very slow, even when downloading from a fast server. I ran a speed test and KDEsystemmonitor at the same time, and noticed that my download speed on the system monitor never goes above 1.9Mb down. Which coincides with when i see in the download manager of Firefox.

Can someone please explain this to me 1) is this normal, and if so Why? 2) If this is not normal, what can I do to fix it?

This may help you visualize: Onthe right is the system monitor and some konsole stuff, on the left is the speed test.

John Kilbert

They’re both correct, only speedtest is reporting in megabits and sysmon in megabytes. 15 mbps = 15/8 = 1.9 MBps.

The speedtest shows the speed in Mib/s (Megabits per seconds), whereas KDE’ systemmonitor shows MiB/s (MegaBytes per seconds), notice the capitalization of the letter ‘B’.
As 1 Byte is 8 bits, they show about the same numbers:

  • 15.11 Mib/s (Speedtest) is about 1.89 MiB/s (divide by 8)
  • 1.9 MiB/s (KDE’s systemmonitor) is 15.2 Mib/s (multiply with 8)

So this is normal for a 15 Mib/s download link, yes.

Ah, Thanks for the replies. I learned something today.