Speeding up Tumbleweed: optimizing both startup time and speed of applications once started


I love Tumbleweed in a lot of ways, but one thing I hate about it is that after a while of using it, post-installation, (and after installing a lot of my favourite apps using zypper) it gets as slow as a turtle. I have seen this thread and while it is interesting it’s hard for me to know which systemd services I can kill and which I can’t/shouldn’t. Plus it seemed more concerned with improving startup performance, while what’s most interesting to me (although improving startup time is of some interest to me too) is improving my system’s performance once it’s started. Oddly while running KDE Plasma sometimes my system slows down to a crawl (even freezing), even when my system CPU usage and RAM usage are at less than 50%. For example, when I was resizing one of my non-mounted partitions using YaST2, namely /dev/sdb2, where /dev/sda is where Tumbleweed is installed, it frozed and for over ten minutes at which point I rebooted my system (loosing the data on my /dev/sdb2 partition as a result). During that unpleasant experience my CPU usage was ~50% and my RAM usage was <20%. My laptop on which I’m running Tumbleweed with KDE Plasma 5 is a HP Envy 17 with 16 GB RAM, 8 x Intel(R) Core™ i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz cores and two 2 TB hard disk drive space (on two separate internal drives). With such good specs I am surprised my system comes to such a crawl at times. Here is the output of:

systemctl-analyze blame

If there’s any further information you need from me I’ll be happy to provide it.

Thanks for your time,

By freeze, in this context, I would have thought what I meant was obvious but to be precise I mean my computer becomes completely unresponsive, except maybe the mouse cursor still moves on my screen, but all apps become unresponsive (to either mouse or keyboard input), the KDE Plasma panel becomes unresponsive and the digital clock widget freezes, displaying the time when the freeze began, etc.