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Installed Leap 15.4 and these packages like Plasma, QT, Blender are 2.5 y.o. Feb 2020, looks more Debian-ish. But wait, even Debian has fast releases now. Is there a way to release from this time machine and speed the things up a little? Using TW I had almost no problems except of Nvidia drivers sometimes (and Android emulator became slow after some Gradle updates)? Everything with stability can be understandable, but why Blender? How can it break the system? Blender 3.3 is already LTS.

Updated to leap 15.5 just today. What a mess, packages still same:

Status Package | Summary | Installed (Available) | 5

[Keep] blender | A 3D Modelling And Rendering Package | 2.82a-bp155.2.19 | 144.6 MiB
[Keep] blender-cycles-devel | Headers for cycles rendering | 2.82a-bp155.2.19 | 3.9 MiB
[Keep] blender-lang | Translations for package blender | 2.82a-bp155.2.19 | 31.0 MiB

As this is not a request for help, I will move it to Open Chat.

Is there a chat about distributives, what users want from them etc.?

The KDE desktop environment can be effectively upgraded by subscribing to the KDE repos…

Discussing here is unlikely to attract the attention of those who maintain the distributions. You could investigate the following…

Other communication channels…

Modern Blender is found only in TW repo. ChatGpt doesn’t know any either. What is the trusted package Blender in?

Perhaps consider installing a flatpak:

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Not sure if plugins are fine with FP. Does AI-Render work well?

I have no idea, as I don’t use this software.