Speech to text software

Hi everybody

I was wondering if anybody is using speech to text software.
I have been searching the web but did not find much opensource software. Most of them is using the web (google chrome)
Another solution is kdenlive with speech recognition.
That is an option because it generates a .srt file.
Although that works ok it needs a lot of correction afterwards because of time stamps that are also printed out.
I am using KDE tumbleweed and was hoping anybody could point me in a direction.

Thnx in advance


DeepSpeech and flashlight?

Thank you very much for thinking along.
Mozilla looks like its also webbased and its latest release is from 2020
I will give flashlight a go
thanks again


I uses a Chrome App called Voice To Text. Works good enough for my needs.

Thnx for reacting,
Yes I know the tool. I’m sure it works just fine but it is an online tool and I don’t know what is done with my voice and text after I finished the job.
I am not that keen on that so I wanted an opensource NOT online piece of software,

And that’s pretty difficult to find.


That doesn’t exist, sadly. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speech_recognition_software_for_Linux

The above comments tell something different than this strange Wikipedia article…

This Wikipedia article is heavily outdated and can not be trusted…

I’d be happy for you to provide counter-evidence. Really, I would. I cannot even get offline speech recognition on Android, let alone desktop Linux (although, to be fair, I would want it to do different things on desktop Linux).

EDIT: Actually, for Android, there is Dicio, which almost works, just not in any way that is currently useful to me.


Tell me, why don’t you consider a Speech to Text solution from Google? I thought most users prefer Google Cloud-based solutions, it’s transparent and secure.
I once made a Ruby application to translate Text to Speech, it’s popular:


I’m sure Speech-to-Text App is not hard to write either.