Speech to text app

Has anybody had any experience with these? I’m reading about Julius but not sure if it’s an app or what?
I’d like to dictate and have the app type for me.

There’s “simon”, it’s Julius based, but I’ve never tried it.

I have no experience in this.

There is a general GNU/Linux wiki on this subject … which I link here in case you have not seen this: Speech recognition in Linux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yep, already read that Wiki. Problem is I don’t understand quite what those apps are; are they stand-alone executables (I don’t think they are) or are they engines that plug in to some other app? Either they didn’t make themselves clear or it’s over my head (which shouldn’t surprise anyone).

Further, in the process of research I [re]discovered that Vista has speech recognition built in; I had just forgotten all about it. I spent the morning training it and you know what? It’s pretty impressive! It is getting more accurate the more I use it and the more specialty words I add to its dictionary. So I’m glad I didn’t wipe my HDD after all!

The impetus behind all this is a woman who vanity-published a really horribly written book and now thinks the world needs another of her sublime creations. Out of the blue she asked if I would act as her amanuensis. I’m not the greatest typist so if I charge by the page, in the end it would probably work out to around 27 cents/hr. But I got to thinking and realized that I’ve been speaking for the better part of, well let’s just say, quite a few decades, and so if I could just SPEAK the stuff (yuck) into a word processor, fabulouth thuctheth would be mine (or at least a few hundred bucks).

Ok, you can all go back about your nerd business now.
Thanks oldcpu and knurpht