Spectacle won't start when pressing PrintScreen button on keyboard

Hi all,
Not sure why but it just happen and Spectacle not starting when pressing [PrtScr] button on key board, but usually it was fine… Now few last times it doesn’t and even after rebooting the system… I have checked settings in Global Shortcut - System Settings and Custom Shortcut - System Settings and all settings set as needed and by default, as you can see in pictures I have attached, but Spectacle not starting even after reapplying keypad settings. By the way, all other applications and other commands works just fine when I was testing adjacent shortcuts. Also I have Updated Unconditionally Spectacle in YaST Install/Remove Software, but with no luck…
Any ideas why and how it can be fixed?



I do not know what happened to your images, but what I get clicking on them is barely readable.

Maybe better post them on http://paste.opensuse.org ?

Did you happen to have a context menu open anywhere at the time you tried to invoke Spectacle?

I’m unable to check on 42.3 at the moment, but on Tumbleweed there seems to be a bug (which, coincidentally, I reported just a few minutes before reading your post) that inhibits spectacle from opening when a context menu is being displayed.


I don’t know if I can edit my first post after somebody already commented on it.
Someone said that pictures I have added to first post is not readable so will add them again.


By the way… For some reason, after another reboot it started working… I think its just KDE glitch.

Nice it works again. But on the other hand, it is always a bit frustrating when one can not say: I know what it was, I repaired it and thus it will not return.

BTW that other place you put the pictures on asks me to allow a lot of third party sites to run scripts. I am not sure everybody will allow that. Why not using the openSUSE site I advised?