Specific 15.1 launch date possible yet?

Am making plans to create an updated slide deck based on my innovative last openSUSE presentation (based on decisions and actions a newbie openSUSE needs to know to install and set up initially rather than just listing differences between openSUSE and other distros), Hoping if I can have a late draft ready early, then others can use the same slide deck or modify for their own use.

Was wondering if there is a specific target date in May people are shooting for?
All searches I’ve done aren’t more specific than the month.

As we’re approaching (or past) the 2 month mark, I’d guess there should be a date packagers are scrambling to make.


Tony, please contact lnussel at opensuse{dot}org

Furthermore, I think the community could use your input. So please rather than put stuff on your own wiki pages, please add your contributions to the general wiki. IMO that would be awesome.

All my slidedecks are now online for convenience, they don’t have to be downloaded to be used (which is how current openSUSE assets are set up). No need to have anything installed like LibreOffice Impress or MS PowerPoint.
This way even I don’t need my own laptop or a thumbdrive with the presentation, I just use whatever hardware is already set up and connect to the URL.

Same for all slidedecks for presentations I’ve done for the past 5 years plus listed in my Wiki…
They’re all online and don’t need to be downloaded, the links in my Wiki are just that… Links to online slides and nothing to download (unless someone uses that option).

Now if openSUSE marketing were to create a standardized way to list links… That would be great, sure I’d make sure anything I create would be in that list.


With your account you can edit/create (almost) any wiki page in our infra.
OT: I have my own Nextcloud instance on a VPS, with Collabora CODE, all ~/Documents, ~/Pictures etc synced to it. So, gimme a computer and internet access and it’s all there. CODE allows me to work on them as well.