Special Help needed. Read It Please.

ok guys,i’ve got 2 pc(pc1 and pc2) with opensuse 11.3 (32 bit) both have been updated and upgraded. There something that i would like to do is to create an ISO image of opensuse 11.3 from pc 1(with its software installed within like skype,sfl phone,google chrome,etc) The truth is that im having problem installing those softwares on pc 2. With a 64 bit i don’t get these problems. So i thought of creating an ISO image of pc 1 with everything on it and then mount it in pc 2.

Are you saying PC2 is 32 bit?

yes 32 bit :slight_smile:

a question, do you want to use the ISO as some kind of LiveDVD, or do you then want to copy all from PC1 to PC2?

I’m asking, because possibly, with all your software installed, the image might be larger than 4 GB…


Edit : typo

hmm yes as u said "some kind of LiveDVD’,But accompagnied with some softwares like skype and sfl phone,i want an opensuse 11.3 LiveDVD with these 2 software already within it. is it possible?


perhaps Suse Studio is your best bet :

Portal:SUSE Studio - openSUSE. It allows you to custom build your Suse.



uhm ok i’ll give a try and see :slight_smile:
thanks Lenwolf.

With suse studio you can work and write your own operating system.

What kind of problems?

I understand you want identical installs on both PC’s. Like Lord_Elmsworth writes: what problems?

Yes you can create an ISO, yes you could ‘dd’ it to the second disk. I doubt that’s a solution for the problems on pc2.

Also, I’m not getting the points about 32/64 bit. I understand both machines have openSUSE 11.3 installed, yet you mention 64bit. Could you specify like this:
pc1 - 64bit machine - 32bit openSUSE
pc2 - 32bit machine - 32bit openSUSE ?

Yes I’m sure that’s correct.

Wouldn’t it be easier to iron out the problems on pc2?

You can’t image a _64 and write it to a 32

Why can’t you just clone PC1 and restore to PC2?
Seagate’s DiscWizard (free to download) only allows you to make a full backup of a disk and/or restore an image of a disk, ie, a full backup of PC1 and restore to PC2.

Acronis TruImage non-free is more flexible backup by allowing backup for files, for system settings, for application settings and restores of the same.
I image Norton’s Ghost does similar.

You could also take the HDD out of PC2 and install it into PC1 then use either Gparted LiveCD or OpenSuSe’s | YaST2 | System | Partitioner to copy PC1’s partitions to PC2. I bet that’s about 2hrs work from start to finish.

Both pc 1 and pc 2 are 32 bit. I have mentioned about a 64 bit because i have installed opensuse 64 bit some time ago on several computers and did not encounter any problem installing skype and sfl phone…PC 1(32 bit) was installed by someone else,i don’t know how he did but now im having problems to do the same with PC 2(32 bit) i having huge problem installing those softwares(skype and sfl phone) in pc 2,so i thought that i could make an ISO file or image of PC 1 with its softwares within and just mount it on pc 2 and eventuall use it for upcoming configuration for opensuse 11.3 32 bit. What do u say?

im quite lost,can u please explain me how to proceed? :slight_smile:

no both pc 1 and pc 2 are 32 bit :slight_smile: so how do i proceed guys?

Now that sounds interesting hehe,.i’ve give a shot :wink: thanks mate.

Have a look at Clonezilla
Cloning an old drive to a new drive

Warning: i have not tested this on two separate machines(just one removing some packages and then using this to re add them)

is there some reason he cannot do the following:

On PC1 as normal user:

zypper lr --export backup.repo
rpm -qa --queryformat "%{NAME}
" > backuprpmlist.txt

somehow get the files onto pc2 (email, scp, burn them to a disk) then as root on pc2:

zypper ar backup.repo
zypper in $(cat backuprpmlist.txt)

It probably won’t work for skype (the rpm for that can be installed from the skype site, and on 32bit it shouldn’t have any problems working), and possibly not chrome either (depending on how it was installed, but the rpm from google adds a google repo so it should). It will ensure that everything from a repo is that is installed on pc1 is also installed on pc2.


y0 gesh wrote:
> So i thought of creating an ISO image of
> pc 1 with everything on it and then mount it in pc 2.

that thought is a good one…sounds easy, but it is not…well, IF pc2
is an exact copy of the hardware of pc1 it might actually be very
easy…but, unless you bought both pc’s off the shelf sitting next to
each other, and their serial numbers are sequential (or nearly) it is
very likely that some component inside (maybe just a motherboard chip)
is different enough to spoil the ease of moving a working setup from
one to another…

i’d say the way to proceed with the highest likelyhood of pc2 workings
as good as pc1 is to sort though the problems you are having with
installing all the applications needed to replicate the first’s apps
on the second…

ymmv (and, i see you already had lots of advice on how to proceed down
the path you ‘thought of creating’…

why don’t you begin a new thread asking for help in sorting out those
install problems to pc2…and, HINTS on how to be successful:

-none of those posts should have a subject like: “Special Help needed.
Read It Please.” because a lot of the helpers will never look inside
to see what the problem is–so put the problem in the subject line
(everyone needs help, so you do NOT have to say ‘help’…everyone
wants to be read, so don’t put that in the line either)

-put only ONE problem in each post…

-describe your hardware, software and symptoms…give exact error
messages, if any

so, you might wanna post one with a subject like:
“skype install fails”

BUT, before you do that see if your problem is not already solved in
an earlier thread or even shazam! in the wiki…like try reading
though a good portion of these and see if you can’t fix it yourself:

same for

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You mean to write an operating system?