Speaker Volume reset to 0 after reboot OpenSUSE13,2 XFCE (x32)

Laptop with opensuse13.2( x32 ) XFCE.
Speaker Volume reset to 0 after reboot or shutdown.

Please, Hemlp me !


To quote from an alsa developer, if this happens after reboot, it’s likely the wrongly saved mixer state. There are a few layers saving/restoring the mixer state, alsactl invoked via udev, PulseAudio, and kmix.

I don’t know if you have pulse audio running.

A possible fix would be to clean up the config. Go to runlevel 3 once, login as root, kill all pending Pulse Audio processes (if any). Then adjust via “alsamixer -c0”, and run “alsactl store”. This resets the mixer restored via alsactl.

For Pulse Audio, remove ~/.pulse and ~/.config/pulse directories (if they exist).

Thank you !

Yes, - pulse audiu is running
This is your suggestion:

  1. change to int 3 runlevel ( was int5 )
  2. reboot and run as root
  3. check proceess
    ps -ae | grep -i alsa
    ( in my caase - empt result )
  4. alsamixer -c0
  5. alsactl store
  6. remove ~/.pulse and ~/.config/pulse directories from /home/ksr
  7. back runlevel to 5
  8. reboot
  9. log as ksr and check Volume - Ok

Thank you.

Ha, i learned something new today.

Thank you :wink: