Spamassassin HowTo for OpenSuSe 10.3 with Postfix


does anyone know about a good tutorial or howto to get Spamassassin running with OpenSuSe 10.3 and Postfix 2.4.5?

I have searched around an all I find is older tutorials which doesnt match with the present version of Postfix and / or Spamassassin.

What I found so far is:

SpamAssassin_unter_Postfix_Einrichten german

postfix_spamassassin english

IntegratePostfixViaSpampd english

Anyway I will go through them again and see if I dont find a proper way to get Spamassassin running.

Just use amavis with postfix. Amavis has the necessary hooks to call spamassassin in addition to any AV scanners.