Spam filters to KMAIL

What spam filters you use in KMAIL? I use CRM114 at the moment, is there other good ones?

Doesnt anyone use spam protection in Kmail???

Sorry No. I use Thunderbird if using a mail client. But all my spam is filtered on the ISP server, as they allow users to configure their own settings. Scoring for spam is based on SpamAssassin.

Thanks but i didnt ask about Thunderbird :wink: I wanna learn to use native KDE email. I try Bogofilter.

I’m using SpamAssassin (configured via the wizard). I must admit it seems to treat majority of incoming mail as spam, even though I have been trying to keep it ‘trained’.

Guide on that here:

[] How To Train SpamAssassin](

I tryed that also but its extremely slow with Kmail.

I’ve never noticed. I wouldn’t have thought that speed was that important with an email client…

Well if you start Kmail and it looks spam and moves messages to spam folder several seconds, its annoying :smiley: