SP3 Upgrade Problem

I am trying to upgrade our GroupWise email server to SP3 en route to the latest version. I have tried it twice and each time it has failed. The problem is this. The upgrade wants all partitions to not be mounted by device ID. Well, the partition that I need to change to UUID is a vmware volume that does not have a UUID associated with it. So I proceeded with the upgrade anyway and after the reboot, of course the vmware partition does not mount. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, is there a work around or fix for it? Thanks.

You talk about SP3. IMHO that means that you are using SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES/SLED). These are however the openSUSE forums and we do not have SPs…

You better go to https://forums.suse.com/forum.php , same username password as here.

I will do that. Sorry about that.

In actual fact you need to be over at https://forums.microfocus.com (https://forums.novell.com), same username and password and you will see the Groupwise/OES forums.

Closing thread.