Source directory in installation

Hello there! I’ve been having some weird problems with an old computer, so I’m trying to install openSUSE on the (currently formmated) HDD of the computer. Basically I want to check if OpenSUSE recognises the ethernet cable, unlike other linux OS.
I’m in the option where I need to type the directory in the Flash Drive I burned the .iso into, but I have no idea what to do. Is it something specific, something I can find? Have I done anything wrong?

You shouldn’t have to type any directory when booting from the Flash Drive.

Which ISO did you download and “burn” (you don’t really burn a Flash Drive… :wink: ) ?
The NETinstall ISO f.e. uses the online repos, so it won’t work without an Internet connection (and will ask for a repo URL if it cannot reach the server I think).

How exactly did you “burn” it?
You should not use tools like “unetbootin”, as they alter the image to make it bootable, and this will corrupt openSUSE’s images as they already are bootable.
Just copy it to the Flash drive verbatim (directly to the drive, not to some partition), e.g.:

dd if=xxx.iso of=/dev/sdg


cp xxx.iso /dev/sdg

(if your Flash Drive is /dev/sdg)

Or use SUSE’s ImageWriter.
ImageWriter is also available for Windows, see .
If it doesn’t work, this is also know to write the ISO correctly: