Source codes for Spotify


Is there source or maybe rpm package for Spotify? On official site of Spotify under linux support there are just deb packages. Can it be apply on OpenSuse, If no, how to instalčl deb? Thank you for answering my questions.

I do not know what Spotify is and you have not provided any reference to “official site” to check, but there is spotify-easyrpm package which apparently aims at “Convert the debian package to RPM format”. May be it works for you.

I no longer use Spotify, but the best ways I found (least troublesome):

I use Tumbleweed and found other alternatives couldn’t keep up with the frequent changes.

spotify-easyrpm is the way to go
It’s in the OSS repo. Will convert the DEB package automatically and install it for you. It will also keep spotify up to date from then on.
I’ve been using it a couple of years on tumbleweed without issue.

It’s an audio and media streaming service based in Sweden and, listed on the New York Stock Exchange –Spotify AB
Regeringsgatan 19
111 53 Stockholm