Source based package manager.

Hey all,

I was just wondering if there is a source based package manager similar to pacbuild, emerge or apt-build for opensuse. Just wondering, if not, I may have to write one for giggles.

Thanks for the info in advance!

rpmbuild else use osc (which links to the Open Build Service)

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From ‘man zypper’

   source-install (si) <name> ...
          Install specified source packages and their build dependencies.

          This  command  will try to find the newest available versions of
          the source packages and use rpm -i to install them and the pack-
          ages that are required to build the source package.

          Note  that the source packages must be available in repositories
          you are using. 

So the appropriate command would be, ‘zypper si foo’.
foo being a packages name. I have never used this command, so can’t comment on the effectiveness of this. I hope this haelps (-: