I have recently installed 13.1. I make some adjustments in a number of places to make myself feel comfortable. There are 2 sounds that I like to hear and that is at startup and shutdown. Now in previous versions these sounds were enabled right out of the box, but in 13.1 they are not enabled. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

ALT+F2 -> type Manage into the box it should pop out Manage Notifications, find Event Source: KDE Workspace -> Login/Logout. Check mark the suitable settings and sounds you want.

I was able to find manage notifications but was able to find any of the other points. I did go through the drop down menus also.

It looks like this to me:

Select “KDE Workspace” in the “Event Source” chooser button.
There should be an entry for “Login” and “Logout” in the list then.

I guess I had a fog over my eyes. I looked right over that.