Soundcard works after install but never after

I had this problem with Kubuntu and also now it seems on OpenSUSE, it works after the initial installation but after I reboot I get nothing :? I checked and it is installed properly but there’s just no sound. It’s rather bizarre and I can’t figure it out. Works in Vista fine :confused:


Chipset ICE1724

I’m really creeped out, I did some updates and now the sound works again :\ it may not next time I guess we’ll see!

Ugh no sound again :open_mouth: I am not sure what to do, any ideas people? I will check as much as I can but I mean everything appears ok yet no audio?!

Try working your way through the openSUSE audio troubleshooting guide. If you have no success there, then post here asking for more help.
SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

I’m in the middle of moving (taking a break due to a sore back). So it may be a day or two before I reply to any posts.

Wow, I just tried configuring my soundcard again because the entire thing wasn’t being recognized except when I ran the hardware report, KMix brought up nothing. It’s like completely dead right now on OpenSUSE so ummm, listen to this one… I manually configured it using advanced and the entire monitor went dead :stuck_out_tongue: freaked me out.

I’ve no idea what is going on, lol absolutely no audio and the hardware report shows it but it doesn’t work, and manually configuring crashes the system totally. Anyway it was only 20 dollars but still this bites cuz it is really pretty good :frowning:

I’m going to follow that guide now but I mean this is just weird.

If this audio worked before, the odds are it is a configuration problem. Per the guide ensure you have alsa-firmware installed, and also try to configure your audio with YaST > Hardware > Sound being certain to move audio/sound levels to about 70%. If you can’t get the test sound working under YaST you can try running “su -c alsaconf” from a konsole or gnome-terminal. Failing that, post here, and I’ll likely ask you to run a diagnostic script and also provide output of some rpms commands.