Sound works for one user but no others- SOLVED!

Running 64 bit Suse 11 on Kde 3.5, the soundcard is a Realtek HD Audio (Amd skt AM2board)

Had to install alsa-firmware as per the Suse sound troubleshooting page, and the card gets installed as hda-intel, shows as 939NF6B0-VSTABoard in Yast Sound Configuration using driver snd-hda-intel

Sound works for the user I was logged in as when installing alsa-firmware and configuring the card etc, but none of the other users have sound

Although I did manage to get a tune playing albeit very quietly using a command-line player called mp3blaster under one user

Anyone have any ideas why the sound only works for the one user and not the others?

Solved this

It was a mate’s machine I’d helped him install Suse on because he wanted to try linux, problem was down to his having played around with mixer settings