sound working, but...

Hi, I use 11.2 .
Sound is working through the speakers, but now I want my headphones to work.
They work at start-up and closing.
But when playing games, listening music an watching video, there is no sound of the headphones.

I Installed Alsa and alsamixergui and alsa-firmware.
Kmixer is set to max.
In Yast Sound I selected the USB Headphones as primary.
In system too I putted the USB headphones on top.
I have no more ideas.

Help is needed.

I hope in something is going to happen…
Oh, yes, if I unplug and Plug the PC is recognising the headphones.

Hope you can help!


You should check your mixer settings in the tray (kmix)
Headphones should not be set to primary in yast

– deleted —

How about you give us a few more infos?
Is it a desktop PC or a laptop, and which hardware is used?

I use the most updated KDE on a AMD64.
Thats all I can actually give, as I returned to BSD.