Sound suddenly stopped whilst playing you tube


I am using opensuse 13.2 with KDE 4.14.

I was listening to some you tube songs when the sound just stopped. I went into the sound settings in KMix and try and fiddle with things and I can’t get anything. I had a little search here and tried the “usual tests” and I get nothing.

Where do I begin looking?

openSUSE-13.2 is relatively old and I think SuSE-GmbH support stopped for it some time ago.

You 1st need to understand the extent of the problem. Does sound work in any other application ? What device did sound stop working with? Headsets? Speakers?

I have no idea what you mean by ‘usual tests’. Are your usual tests the same as my ‘usual tests’ ? I suspect you can’t answer that as just like I do not know your ‘usual tests’ you likely do not know my ‘usual tests’. So please, what are your ‘usual tests’ ?
Does sound work after a reboot (that restarts any hanging instances of the browser and restarts the sound driver).

Did you by chance update your kernel in the middle of the youtube songs ?

13.2 is ancient and the browsers that come with it are too old for use (a lot of security and bug fixes in both Firefox and Chromium)
that being said what browser are you using
way back then Firefox used gstreamer as a multimedia backend afaik gstreamer-pulse was used for audio playback (I’m not sure about Chromium)
pulse stores per application settings you could try and remove pulse config file and use the default settings

rm -r ~/.config/pulse/

one more thing while youtube does provide vp8 (vp9) video and vorbis (opus) audio by default and these are supported out of the box you should have added and done a full vendor change to the packman repo what is your repo list

zypper lr -d

what is your cpu

sudo lscpu

if you have a x64 cpu you need to upgrade to LEAP
if you have a 32bit cpu you should move to TW
kde4 is dead if your hardware supports it you should move to plasma 5 if not you can use lxqt (which is a light qt5 based desktop)