Sound stops when scrolling in Firefox 3

I’m using a MacMini/Intel with OpenSuse11.
(Sound settings here: tsalsa.txt - (beta) )

When I scroll a webpage in Firefox 3.0 using the scroll wheel the sound stops. If I drag the scrollbar that doesn’t happen.

Where would I start searching for clues?

Seems to me it is a shortcaut problem.check if u have put a shortcut for mouse wheel

I’m not sure I sunderstand. How would I create a shortcut for the mouse wheel? I checked: If I scroll very fast with the keyboard sound stops too. Looks like CPU load to me?
:slight_smile: stw

more over i find that mozilla is comparatively slow in linux than in Windows…try using opera it is nice…

I guess you refer to this:
Well… once Opera has all the plug-ins I got fond of, I’ll move.
I suspect the graphics driver.
Any more suggestions?