Sound Recording

Something I’ve never tried to do in linux before, is it usually difficult to get sound from input devices?

I can’t get a microphone to work and I’m wondering if that’s down to the fact I’m using a soundblaster x-fi

I’m kinda hoping I can get microphones etc working with it as having to boot into windoze whenever I wanna record myself singing along to my trusty old guitar would really grate on my nerves

I’d end up using this machine only in windows and just for recording, and a seperate machine for everything else in suse

Spent far too much on building it to relegate it to nothing more than a glorified recording desk :expressionless:

No particular difficulty getting a supported sound device to capture input. Something like arecord will do the job. But you should open up a mixer controller to make sure of some things: that the capture button is selected for the microphone and that you have turned on the +20db boost because low level mics need this enabled.