Sound quality

Probably not relevant, but I use KDE Plasma 5 and Amarok.

So: I power on my computer, and boot into opensuse. Then I try to listen to some music while working. And the music is okay, except that it sounds very thin – as if missing a lot of the base.

So I reboot to Windows 8.1. I login there (not sure if that is needed). Then I reboot to opensuse. And now the sound is great. The sound stays great through multiple reboots, as long as I do not power off. But, once I power off, I run into the same problem again.

Sound system is integrated Intel (Ivy Bridge chip set). Yast says “7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller”.

I have not been able to find any opensuse tools to fix this, perhaps because I don’t know what to look for. So I keep Windows around, although I no other use for it than to fix the sound quality.

So I’m looking for advice from the multimedia experts.

NOTE: I had the same problem with Leap 42.1. I do not remember whether I had that problem with 13.1 or 13.2, and I don’t feel like install one of those just to check.

that sounds strange :slight_smile: (excuse the pun)
are you using vlc or gstreamer as the backend in phonon?
also for comparison, I would download Clementine or better still Audacious and check if the same thing is happening in that. The reason is that the only way to tweak change or experiment with the audio in Amarok is through phonon. I have the same Ivy bridge chipset on one machine and have never encountered this.

I forgot to ask, are you listening to the audio through headphones or speakers on an external amp?

I’m pretty sure that it is gstreamer.

are you listening to the audio through headphones or speakers on an external amp?

Headphones, plugged into an external amp. I think it’s the same with headphones plugged directly into the computer. I guess I can test that next time.

Thanks for replying, and for the other suggestions.

Bass sometimes drops out when there is a mismatch in polarity + - … maybe the output socket is slightly damaged. It doesn’t seem like your configuration, unless you have EQ or some kind of filter causing it. Check your effects chain.