Sound quality when ripping audio stream

I can get Audio Recorder to record streaming audio but no matter what settings I use or how high the bitrate I set the recorded stream sounds tinny without bass. I can get Replay Music 5 from the XP world to work under Crossover and it produces the same result. The sound is somewhat as if I am catching it before some type of decompression or audio adjustment is applied to the stream. Does anyone recognize the problem and can perhaps suggest a solution.

Most audio which is intended for broadcast is compressed; also it does not matter what bitrate you apply to the recording, if it is being streamed at a lower bitrate you cannot improve the recording. Some sources of streamed music provide streams with different bitrates. I would start by investigating the sources you are using. particularly as you get the same results with different software.

The problem is the ripped stream is of substantially lower quality than the sound coming out of the speakers. The bass line is far less prominent than in the original stream.

You don’t say which desktop you are using but you may find that there is a mixer in the setup which you need to locate and whose settings you need to adjust if the sound from the speakers is so much better.

Played with the mixer and the source settings until something worked. As best as I can tell I was grabbing an audio stream bleeding into a secondary channel. Sometimes dumb luck beats knowing what you are doing.