Sound problems

My sound was working fine until a kernel update. I then went through the Alsa update routine and also the thread listing 10 points on how to check sound. All my codecs are installed as per the checks in that thread.

My problem is that my sound mostly works except for the mail and appointment notifications in Thunderbird and Lightning (using WAV files).

I also notice that when I try play a playlist in SMPlayer it will just strat to skip half way through a song and then suddenly randomly skip a few song and start in the middle of another song. Not sure if it’s related.

OK, I tried placing the sound files in different locations but that didn’t help. If I set TB to the default notification sound it works although the sound is just short system beep. Why it’s not working with the WAV file is beyond me. The WAV files play through a media player no problem.

It did used to work so I know TB can play those files.