Sound Problems

I am running Suse 111. Installed the multimedia package from open suse. Kaffein still cant play MP3s, Banshee plays but only stereo, Amarok does 5.1, but sounds awful over 5% vol (in Amarok). And the best part is, Winamp under wine runs perfectly :wink:

I have an Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS (index 0) and HD48x0 (not configured/used)

Any tips?

Start by adding the multimedia codecs and enabling the packman repo. Update your system, configure Amarok to use the Xine backend to help your volume issue and then see if Kaffeine will play your MP3’s.

Thx. I’vd done it. But now Amarok cant play MP3 anymore, no plugin for MP3? GStreamer still works. But only stereo. And still the vol problem :’(
Winamp/wine still fine.

Is it a good idea to remove all the mp3 in Yast Software und reinstall it?

Install the packman packaged libxine1, amarok, and amarok-xine, and select xine as your sound engine under amarok.

I’ve solved it!

  1. Uninstalled everything: xine, amarok, kaffein, gstreamer.

  2. reinstalled the multi media package (Multimedia - openSUSE-Community)

  3. installed and updated xine, amarok and kaffein from the packman rep.

  4. set amarok to the xine engine

Ok, MP3 and 5.1 are now working, but the sound is still awful. But i found the solution:

  1. set amarok/kaffein xine engine to alsa

Autodetect doesnt work and produces the awful volume sound problems!?

Thx all.

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your solution. … Speculation on my part is that “autodetect” in kaffeine/amarok may have been using pulse, as opposed to going direct to the alsa api.