Sound problem: Works with KDE sounds, nothing else

i have a annoying problem, the sound does not work like it should. The KDE startup sound works, i created a new user which can play sounds like i used to, but when i now want to play sounds i have to login as a the new user. Startup and shutdown sounds work. What the heck is wrong?

There is something in your problem description that puzzles me, … do you have multiple KDE users, and only the second logged on KDE user has this problem? Or do all KDE users?

This is important to know as it will point the direction (possibly) toward the problem.

If you have multiple KDE users, and sound works for the first and not for subsequent users, it could be because the 1st user’s applications did not let go of the sound device, and that all your users are not setup to share the sound device. Hence the second and subsequent users will not be able to use the sound as the 1st user is not sharing.

If you have only one KDE user, and only log in and log out sound is working, it could be because you still have the multimedia crippled Novell-SuSE GmbH media players and you need to replace those by Packman packaged media players and also need to add Packman Packaged codecs.

Hi, i got a solution for my problem by myself.
I use the german version of KDE, so i dont know if my description is precise.

  1. I discovered the sound was not working properly.
  2. I created a new user via YaST
  3. I started a parralel Session Via Kickoff/Shutdown menu and logged in as the new user.
  4. I discovered this user could use sound without a problem.
  5. I switched back to my “normal” user with ctrl-alt-f7 and discovered sound was working like it should.

Since that procedure my sound works perfectly.

Before, I executed the command
echo “et.x86 0 0 direct” > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss

as it should resolve sound problems with a game i wanted to play. It did not help, and my sound was screwed up. So next thing i will do, is to dig further into the sound issues with that game et.x86

Thanks for reading.