Sound Problem- OpenSUSE 11.2- ICH9 Sound Card

Hello everyone:

I downloaded and installed openSUSE on my system yesterday. Today, I noticed this problem. Whenever I startup and shutdown my computer, I hear the tones just fine. But doing anything else (watching YouTube, playing music, ect.) I don’t hear anything. Through some troubleshooting, I managed to somewhat fix the problem. I went to my YaST control panel>Hardware>Sound> My card. What I did to fix the problem was delete and re-install the sound card. I clicked on my soundcard, hit “delete”, then hit “add”. Then I selected the soundcard “ICH9”. I configured it, and i could now hear sound. But an annoying thing is that my sound adjuster disappeared. So I was not able to adjust the volume on my computer. Quite annoying. So I restarted it, and again, I could hear the startup sound, my sound icon was back, but NO SOUND! So I went through the same process of deleting and adding the soundcard back on.

I would like to have my sound icon on here when I configure the sound, and not have to go to the YaST control panel every time I want sound on my computer.



You need to read the following forum message and see if any of the suggestions fit the problem you are having.

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In addition to reading the link and sublinks provided by jdmcdaniel3, also take a look here:
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Note also if this is a simple matter of the initialization sound (which you report works) locking your sound device, then rather than go to YaST you can simply type:

su -c 'rcalsasound restart'

enter root password when prompted, and also restart your mixer and test.