Sound preferences and backend blank


I’m pretty new to linux but so far openSUSE has been pretty nice. There’s just one thing I can’t figure out.
When I first installed openSUSE everything was working. When I plugged in my USB headset, the output didn’t change from the speakers to the headphones.
So I went to Sound in YaST and saw none of the sound cards were configured, so I configured them. Rebooted and everything, now the output changed when i plugged it in, but only for multimedia applications like VLC and Amarok.
HTML5 video in Chrome kept playing through the speakers. Looked around a bit online and found out you can set preferences for output in System Settings. So I checked those settings, sound preferences is just completely blank, and so is backend.
I don’t understand how that’s possible, because I have the VLC backend installed.
What can I do to fix this?
My computer is MSI GE70 2OE.

Try pavucontrol that will allow control of which program sounds go to which device.

Thanks for your reply, that works.
I can switch now, but it would still be nice if it would automatically switch to the usb headset. Is there another way to set priorities?

No not that I know but there is a pavucontrol work alike widget called pulesmode-veromix that is more convenient since it lives on your system tray. Not sure it is available for Leap though