Sound output won't switch after Friday snapshot/update

As the title says, I grabbed the update on Friday morning with the usual “sudo zypper ref && sudo zypper dup” command, and ever since that update the audio output switcher in gnome control panel does absolutely nothing. I can switch it to a different output device and back all day, but everything from web browsers to clementine will keep putting audio to the speakers and won’t switch to my USB headset. What’s strange is that if I click the test sound on either device I hear the automated voice going “front left” and “front right” on the correct device.

The snapshot in question is the same one that Gnome 42 came in on, so I thought it was maybe a new Gnome bug at first.

I waited for a few snapshots to see if maybe that’d fix it, but after a few snapshots have passed the issue continues. Also tried disabling all Gnome extensions and a few other things to no avail.

I live booted into other distros in order to see if this was a gnome 42 issue. Ubuntu daily developer build (which is running Gnome 42) and the Fedora 36 beta (which is not only running Gnome 42, but also is using pipewire and wireplumber just like OpenSUSE is). Both of those two let me change audio devices while booted into the live environment. The fact these USB Live environments did not have an issue is why I didn’t go to the Gnome gitlab to report this. This seems to only be an OpenSUSE issue.

If there is any logs needed I am not sure where or how to get them (bit of an ‘intermediate user’ admittedly, not quite ‘noobish’ but not quite ‘elite hacker’ level)

In the screenshot below the devices I use are Speakers - Xiberia (USB headset) and Line out - Built-in Audio (aux cord going to speakers). Using a desktop/tower that was built in 2016-ish.](

I looked around and found some other bug entries that seem similar to this… looks like this is not the first time this kind of thing happened. Skimmed through some of them and none of them had a fix really other than “an update fixed it later on.” This doesn’t look good. I’ll give it a few more snapshots to get fixed by an update, but if not I’m jumping to another distro that actually works.

Tried to use vanilla kernel and previous kernel from grub menu/advanced options and no change in behavior with a different kernel. No change in behavior… issue still persists. I’m going to sleep on this issue for now. Nothing much more I can think of to try. :frowning:

Another snapshot came through and the issue is still there. I gave up at this point and installed Arch Linux.

I needed bleeding edge stuff for gaming (newer kernel version, newer Mesa and Vulkan etc.) and heard that OpenSUSE Tumbleweed does automated testing so you’re not as likely to get a bug from an update while still being on the latest / bleeding edge.

Maybe I’ll give Tumbleweed another go at some point in the future, but for now Arch is doing good with no issues for me.