Sound only works in root.

When on a normal user it says dummy output audio and sound doesnt work. But when I’m on the root account it works and shows deplex audio.


EDIT: I may have solve my problem by putting the user into the audio group.

nexx892 wrote:

> But when I’m on the root account it works


logging in as ‘administrator’ in Win7/Vista/XP may be ok, but
logging in as root is not done (by most of the experienced and those
in the know) into Linux KDE/GNOME/etc…

cites, more info and why, see:


Yes, give that a try. It may work. Post here if you still have a problem wrt this.

There is a bug-report for this problem:
Putting normal users in group audio is a security issue.

Marcus Meissner: “these permissions are done by ConsoleKit/HAL/DeviceKit framework these days, no
need for group membership.”