Sound not working

OK OK I am vary sorry. Some how I thought that Ubuntu would be the right way for me but it is just not like Suse. So I reinstalled the and have Suse 11 up and running with two screens>>>>> nice it look and works nice…

But I have one problem. I cant seem to get he sound working. Were should i start?


In the multimedia sub forum :wink:

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The link malcolmlewis gave you is good. (I just checked and updated it).

If you still struggle, please post here, and one of us will walk you through the steps to troubleshoot your sound.

If you’re running KDE, click on the volume icon and then Mixer to see if Master is muted. Happens to me all the time after a fresh boot in KDE 4.2. and 4.3.

the device was not engaged, and the master mute was on. It seems to work fine now but the headset mic does not work yet.


Mics are always a PITA in linux to get working. But generally speaking they do work. Typically the alsa devs fix the sound problems first, and tackle the mic problems second, so sometimes one can have a sound card which is in an intermediary part of being updated to work with Linux.

I recommend you test your mic using a basic konsole/terminal command. It takes out of the loop any application hiccups. Once basic mic recording is functioning, then one can look at application specifics.

I typically type in a termina or konsole:

arecord -d 10 myrecording.wav

where -d 10 specifies a 10 second recording. I thenk open “myrecording.wav” with a media player and listen to my horrific singing. :frowning:

Alternatively, one can follow the test recommended on the alsa-project page: SoundcardTesting - AlsaProject by typing: arecord -vv -fdat foo.wav and use a media player to replay foo.wav.

Trying to get one’s mixer properly tuned to record is a PITA and it unforunately frustrates many a new (and experienced) user. If you are not succeeding, then I recommend you set up your mixer EXACTLY how you think it should be setup to record, and then with your pc connected to the internet, copy and paste the following into a terminal/konsole.
amixer > amixer.txt && curl -F file=@amixer.txt will paste your mixer settings to a paste site and give you a URL. Please post the URL here. Just the URL. I can then check your mixer settings and give you an assessment (which may or may not help).

Alternatively, with your PC connected to the Internet, just run the diagnostic script: /usr/sbin/
and give us the URL after you elected to share the diagnostic information.

Good luck !

I am a newbie to linux, and I have a problem with my sound. I dont hear anything.I have done virtually everything posted about audio configuration and its seems nothing is wrong but still “no sound”. Pls help me!

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