Sound not working since snapshot 20221023

Hi. I have an intel ice lake sound card.
When i updated to the latest version of tumbleweed, it told me ‘no sound devices’ and when i went into yast it complained about missing kernel modules.

Is this an issue from upstream (kernel issue) or is this an opensuse issue? If it is a kernel issue, will it be fixed in the next kernel update?

It has been reported and a fix should arrive for 6.0.5

I’m not sure if this should go in a new thread or not so my apologies in advance.

Earlier this week I reinstalled TW and apparently hadn’t actually needed to use my soundcard until last night, so I’ve been under the assumption there was a configuration mistake on my end. Can anyone help me see where my problem lies or is there no way to test this until the kernel update gets to me?
As best I am able to tell I’ve got the firmware I need but ALSA cannot see my soundcard, and I’m getting a similar error as OP in Yast sound but I have an intel tigerlake soundcard.

!!Kernel Information

Kernel release:    6.0.3-1-default
Operating System:  GNU/Linux
Architecture:      x86_64
Processor:         x86_64
SMP Enabled:       Yes


!!Packages installed


The fix is on its way and should arrive in 2 days…

kernel-default-6.0.5-1.1 can be installed via zypper dup now. Please test if it fixes your problem.

Replying for posterity - Using a Tiger lake machine, running and still no working sound. Good luck ice lake bros fingers crossed