Sound level too low.

My sound levels are very low. When I adjust them in Yast -> sound -> volume they go back to their previous level. I have Kmix cranked and Pulse Audio Control cranked up as I run various applications.

Here is the link to my alsa info:

Many sound levels are very low and I don’t know how to get them up. How do I do that?


What kind of speaker, amp and what kind of audio connection to them are you using? Have you seen this link before: Pulseaudio Basics for openSUSE with pavucontrol - Blogs - openSUSE Forums and what about this one: S.T.A.R.T. - SuSE Terminal Audio Reporting Tool - Version 1.12 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums. I have also had good luck with the xfce4-mixer (from the XFCE desktop, but you can install this and use it in KDE I know) which seems more like the ALSA mixer of old but works with Pulse as well.

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