Sound issues

Using OPenSuse 11.2 KDE 4.4 on MSI CX600 laptop.
Sound only works in the hardware test, nowhere else.
Everything else seems fine, even wireless just worked after an running an update.
Any help appreciated.
cheers, Peter.

Did you see this:
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It provides all the links to solve your problem.

Hi thanks for that. I had not seen it. It took a few goes to get the model right but,
Ended up getting sound working by adding this into
the 50-sound.conf file:

options snd-hda-intel model asus-model1

Regards, Peter

I used that link and speaker-test works – until I start Firefox or maybe it us you-tube. Then there is no sound ever again until reboot. Any ideas?


Any ideas?

Yes. Simply put your PC on the floor and kick it every 5 minutes. Its a FASTER way of booting ! Either it will learn its lesson or one will be forced to buy a new pc that works better. rotfl!

… ok, … I’m kidding :slight_smile: … don’t REALLY do that! Please!

Probably firefox is refusing to let go of the audio device. You can check to see what application is refusing to let go of the audio device by looking to see what system audio files are open … One way to do that is to type the following BEFORE you play firefox, and then do it again when you can’t get sound working after playing firefox, and compare the two outputs:

 lsof /dev/dsp* /dev/audio* /dev/mixer* /dev/snd/*

Again, you MUST compare the BEFORE and AFTER in order to eventual understand the output. Experience goes a long ways in understanding that output.

Note an easier way of forcing an application to let go of the audio device is to restart the alsa sound driver with:

su -c 'rcalsasound restart'

and enter root password when prompted and restart your mixer.

Or less intrusive run

ps -A

pick out the offending application pid that has not let go of the audio device, and kill the running instance of the application.