sound intelHDaudio 82801I ICH9 not working in 12.1_64 KDE


As mentioned in the title, I have a problem with sound in 12.1 64bit using KDE 4.7.4
In YaST test sound plays, but only when I first set all the volume sliders to 100 (except microphone). Setting the card as primary, and then clicking OK does nothing, it just forgets that the sliders were at 100. Kmix shows Internal audio analog stereo, that slider is also at 100, but it gives no sound.

Please, any advice on how to set it up so it would work.

If any log is necessary please do ask, and do tell me how to do it.

I have read similar threads on 12.1 sound issues, but it did not help much.

Thanks in advance.

Does sound work as a regular user outside of YaST? What is your test for Sound functionality?

Try installing application pulse audio volume control (pavucontrol) and use that also to tune audio.

thanks for info, but, I’ve done following, I’ve disabled pulse audio, and sound started playing. go figure if that was the real issue (for me maybe it was). but thank you never the less for help.

edit: I’ll see if it stays like this when I reboot, if not, I’ll try what you suggested.

edit2: It works after reboot

Likely it was muted in pulse audio and that all that was needed was to unmute it in pulse. I am not aware of any testing having been done on 12.1 without pulse so I hope it continues to work for you now.

If you encounter this again on a pc with a fresh install I recommend keeping pulse and installing pavucontrol.

I will have that in mind.