Sound in KDE4.1 (OSS 11)


I just installed opensuse 11 and updated right a way to KDE 4.1. Now I don’t get my system sounds to work:

#1 I can’t find where to configure them for certain actions e.g. KDE start, shutdown etc.

#2 I have perfect sound coming from my Amarok, xine gxine but I can’t get the notifications to spit out anything e.g. from Kopete. It wouldn’t play anything.

The Devices I see under “Sound - System Settings” in “System Settings - Sound” are:
HDA Intel(ALC883 Analog)
HDA Intel (ALC883 Digital) #1
HDA Intel ALC883 Digital (IEC958 S/PDIF) Digital Audio Output)
HDA Intel (ALC883 Digital) (grayed out)
HDA Intel (ALC883 Analog) (grayed out)

I’ve tried every device on top and for some of them i get a message saying
that the device wouldn’t work and kde is falling back to the next in the
What is wrong here?
Thank you!

SuSE / KDE button -> Configure Desktop -> Notifications -> System Notifications.

From there you can adjust the sounds and the playout program (Default is the KDE sound system) - make sure the volume is properly set.

Also make sure under Sound (Sound System Configuration under Computer Administration in the KDE Control Panel you just viewed a moment ago) the Audio Output for Notifications is set to the device you wish to use and that the backend is Xine Phonon.

On my system the only backend available was gstreamer and i had to install phono xine. Once i did that the sounds all came to work :slight_smile: great. Thanks! :slight_smile:

That seems to happen on my nVidia nForce4 sound cars as well. I think this issue is not Hardware specific. gstreamer also sounds really bad when playing audio. using xine fixes a lot of things. I just wish that it was installed by default.

If memory serves, they had to change the packaging for the phonon gstreamer backend, and the package name went from phonon…gstreamer-0.10 to phonon…gstreamer-0_10 or something to that effect. It was a while back, but I remember I had this same issue, sound just suddenly stopped working at one point during the KDE 4.1 updates. Once I selected the newer package, it replaced the old package and all was well. I think it was a hangover from the original 4.0 packaging.

Anyways, just my 2c…


Thanks from balmy Guelph too! Phonon xine did its magic after I installed it through Yast.
The Suse community is wonderful! :slight_smile: